December 6, 2016

Don't Worry, Have Fun and Be Happy!

So many important things I have learned in life, I have learned from my dogs.  My Faithful Canine Companions

Take my fur ball Chow-mix Lexi this morning.  After a long morning walk, she was happy and playful.  Not a care in the world as she gleefully played with a toy on the backyard patio.

And Husky-mix Sid?  He was more interested in munching on grass and listening for squirrels.

Take a peek at the video below.  If we could all simply live a Dog's Life:

Live in the Moment
Don't Worry, Be Happy!   

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. That is a lot of dog fur.

    1. Yes, it is. Don't come to my house if you are scared of or allergic to dog hair.

  2. Cute video. I need a Lexi!

    1. She is a wonderful dog. Generally Sid is more into toys, so this is a cute video to me.


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