October 28, 2016

Bacon Craze: Even Garfield Is In On It!

The Bacon Craze has hit the comic strips.

Got a nice chuckle at last Sunday's Garfield comic strip and its foray into the seemingly continuous Bacon Craze:

Credit:  garfield.com
Credit:  wikipedia.com

I took the comic strip to one more level, wondering if maple bacon donuts were truly a "thing".

Boy, are they ever.  So popular in some locations, Maple Bacon Donuts even has its own Wikipedia page!

And hey, when you're done with your Maple Bacon Donut, how about making some Bacon Caramel Apples for Halloween?

Credit:  lecreuset.com

Neither concoction is something I am interested in trying, but I do have to admire the creativity of today's foodies and recipe creators.

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. I've eaten peanut butter and bacon sandwhiches on toast for years. Go bacon!

  2. Maple frosted donuts with bacon sprinkles are actually very good, specially raised donuts. Try one!

  3. Bet the vegans will love this stuff. Bacon bacon.

  4. I must be old because I don't get this bacon craze. So much of it seems a poor waste of bacon.

  5. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and bacon on top are also very good.

  6. I have to make those caramel bacon apples for Halloween!

  7. I tasted chocolate chip cookies with bacon at a county fair. Nasty.


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