August 2, 2016

Peanut Butter: Sorry Jif. Choosy Moms might choose Jif, but choosy dogs choose Skippy!

So, one morning recently during breakfast, I went outside to move a back yard sprinkler.  But I made one teeny tiny mistake.

I left my 1/3 eaten piece of sourdough toast with Skippy Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter
 on the kitchen counter breakfast bar.

With my Faithful Canine Companion Husky-mix Sid in the kitchen.

Yep, how truly stupid was I for going that?  If you follow this blog or have read my website, you likely know what happened.

As I came back inside, there is Sid in the kitchen, looking at me.  Licking his chops. 

And there sat an empty plate that was occupied just minutes before
by my partially eaten piece of toast. 

The plate was even licked clean of toast crumbs.

Exactly in the spot I left it in.

The only evidence that remained was one piece of peanut from the crunchy peanut butter, sitting on the seat of my breakfast bar stool.

As Jim and I walked dogs Sid and Chow-mix Lexi that morning, we pondered the question:

If we consider this morning a test for Sid, did Sid lose the test, or did Sid win the test?
(A) If Sid lost the test, then he failed by getting up on the kitchen counter and snagging the high value crunchy peanut butter toast treat.
(B) If Sid won the test, then he won by successfully snagging the high value treat, yet not knocking the breakable light blue ceramic plate off the kitchen counter.  In fact, the plate was unmoved from its place.  Plus Sid was very clean in his toast eating execution, even licking toast crumbs from the plate.
What did we decide?

Sid enjoying a meal.  To say Sid loves food is a supreme understatement.

We decided Sid won the test.  After all, I know Sud gets up on the kitchen counters, and have learned to remove food (including unbaked cookies on baking bans) before leaving the kitchen when Sid is around.  Oh, the stories I could tell!  Yes, Sid is getting better about doing not so with the command “off!”.  But no way in Heaven can I be mad at Sid for doing this.  He is very food motivated, especially considering he was a stray in the past, and had to be resourceful in getting food.

We love you, Sid!!  Thanks for putting smiles on our faces and helping make each day a great day for humans and dogs alike.

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. The Skippy peanut butter website has a photo of a horse on it now. As in 'so hungry you could eat a horse'. That's gross.

    Skippy should have your dog Sid on its website!

    1. Just looked at the Skippy website and I agree, very poor taste to reference "eat a horse".

      Will have to ask Sid about his website appearance "terms". :)

  2. Did you get paid by Skippy peanut butter for this post?

    1. Uh, no. Check my "Disclaimers and Terms of Use" link. And moreover, do you see any (annoying) ads on this blog? No.

      If I do receive future, compensation of any kind for posting on this blog, I'll update the disclaimer.

  3. What is Sid eating in his bowl? I see something white.

    1. Sid is polishing off his twice daily home-cooked meal we call "Canine Unfried Rice". I'll post more about this later. The white substance is nonfat plain yogurt, which provides calcium and important probiotics.

      Even though the plain yogurt is tart, both Sid and Lexi love it!

  4. Does Lexi get on the counters too?

    1. No, she is too much of a low rider to reach the kitchen counters. But Lexi is a little thief when it comes to swiping items off the floor and taking them outside, or to other parts of the house.

      Socks and shoes left on the floor are fair game, as well as used cloth placemats and napkins in a laundry basket on the laundry room floor.

  5. Make sure your peanut butter does not have sugar free sweetner in it. Some of them are toxic to dogs.

    1. Agree, and thanks for the warning. I believe the concern is the sugar free sweetner xylitol, found in mints, candy and chewing gum, among other things. Skippy does not use sugar free sweetners. Neither does Jif, for that matter. Seems limited to a small number of "health food store" peanut butter brands.

  6. My dog won't eat peanut butter.


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