August 25, 2016

Peace and Harmony: Perhaps We Should All Take More Time to Watch the World Go By

My Faithful Canine Companions have taught me so much.

They instill a sense of peace and contentment in me each and every day.

Sid and Lexi remind me to live in the moment, as 
every day is truly a gift.

And to spend time each day, in a peaceful place, perhaps watching the world go by.

Here are Sid and Lexi watching the front yard world go by as their human Daddy leaves this morning.

And here is Lexi yesterday, so peaceful, gazing out into the front yard, soaking in the fresh smells from my front yard flowers.

Lexi was trying so hard to fight off Mr. Sandman.  She did finally give into a nap!

 Oh, how I love our former shelter dogs.

Take time to bring peace and contentment into your life.  Not just today, but each and every day.

Mary Rae Fouts


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