August 22, 2016

Homeowners Insurance: Is Your Coverage Adequate?

Is your Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance coverage adequate?

When is the last time you reviewed your Homeowners or Renters Insurance Policy, or took an inventory of your home and its contents?  If its been a while (or if you've never done this), you may be surprised to learn that your coverage is far from adequate, and that you are at risk for significant financial loss in the event of an unfortunate  insured event.

Here is a handy booklet from the California Department of Insurance about taking a Home Inventory for insurance purposes.  This booklet will help walk you through the process.

Questions or concerns about insurance matters?

As a licensed Life and Disability Insurance Analyst, Life Agent, and a Fire and Casualty Broker-Agent, I provide consulting services and expert witness services to clients  for a wide array of insurance matters, including property insurance matters.

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Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Is a person required to have Home or Renters insurance?

    1. If a homeowner has a mortgage on the property, the mortgage company requires insurance. Other than that, there is no regulatory requirement for homeowners insurance, although I consider it an absolute must from an insurance standpoint.

      Regarding renters insurance, today many landlords require the insurance, so check your lease agreement. However, even if not required, if there is fire or theft in your rental, your belongings are NOT covered by your landlord's insurance. Same regarding liability issues. Even if not required, I consider it a must from an insurance standpoint.

  2. Can you recommend any good insurance companies for this type of insurance?

    1. An answer to that question is beyond the scope of this blog. Among other things, I would need to know where you live, a description of your property, contents, and valuation. Please contact me at (925) 979-9972 if you would like to discuss in more detail.


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