July 15, 2016

Pleasant Hill, CA: Serial Retail Theft Ring Busted! Just how???

Memo to Criminals:

If you are going to commit a slew of retail thefts, make sure your get away vehicle is maintained ...

Photo Credit:  Susan Trip Pollard/Bay Are News Group

Or, perhaps that was just your dad's Buick?  Or maybe karma bit you because you have poor taste in ladies' handbags?

Seriously, great job once again Pleasant Hill Police Department!

Mary Rae Fouts


  1. What a bunch of losers!

  2. How come the hill in the background is so brown?

    1. The San Francisco Bay area is located in a Mediterranean climate system. Other than a few sprinkles, we don't get significant rain during the summer months (Pleasant Hill's average July rainfall is a whopping 0.08 inches!), so the hillsides become brown in the summer. Most rain falls from mid-October through Mid-May, with January, February, and March generally (but not always) receiving the most precipitation.


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