June 29, 2016

San Francisco Bay Area Weather: How's this for crazy temperature differences and swings in temperature?

Weather in the San Francisco Bay area is dramatically, and sometimes drastically, influenced by micro-climates caused by the area's topography and coastal breezes.  And don't forget, as Mark Twain famously stated, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

Pleasant Hill, California where I live sets about 25 miles northeast of San Francisco.  But during the summer, the difference in daytime temps between the two cities is simply crazy; Pleasant Hill is often 30 degrees warmer.  Or in other words, closets always contain clothes for all seasons!

But you can't beat the "natural Northern California Air Conditioning" we are blessed to have - on most summer days, anyway - in Pleasant Hill.  What's that?  Ocean breezes fueled by coastal fog dramatically lower the temperature at night, creating a natural air conditioning to cool your home through open windows.

Lately it's been unseasonably hot in much of the Bay Area.  We've had temps up to 110 degrees in Pleasant Hill.  But not along the coast.

How's this for wacky, and almost unbelievable, weather?

Yesterday my husband was in Daly City,  a city just south of San Francisco along the Pacific Ocean. 

He left Daly City yesterday at 1:00 PM.  Temperature in Daly City then?

57 degrees.

Temperature on our backyard weather station in Pleasant Hill (33 miles from Daly City by car) at 1:15 PM?

103.1 degrees.

That's a difference of 46.1 degrees over 33 miles.  Crazy!

But it did cool down to a wonderful 56.1 windy degrees last night in Pleasant Hill.  So yes, our natural Northern California air conditioning worked its wonders again.

And swings in temperature in Pleasant Hill?

Last Sunday, we hit a high of 109.0 degrees on my backyard weather station.

Low that night/early next morning?

51.7 degrees.

That's a same-day temperature swing of 57.3 degrees.  Once again, Crazy!

Oh, the weather today is gorgeously cool in Pleasant Hill, sunny but a very cool breeze.  Just goes to show you can't fool Mother Nature, or sometimes even guess what future weather she has in store for you.

Mary Rae Fouts

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  1. You can always tell who is a tourist in June and July in San Francisco. They are the freezing people in shorts and tank tops.


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