June 1, 2016

Got Robot? Meet Security Robot K5, Stanford Shopping Center's Newest Security Guard.

Not quite, but just maybe the Star Wars Robot's larger cousin.

And he's at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California waiting to meet you.

Meet K5, Stanford Shopping Center's New Security Guard

Automation has been taken to a new level by Mountain View, California startup Knightscope.  The company designs robots to provide assistance with security guard detail.  Yep, robots, aka roving eyes and ears, just like this Kroaming around Stanford Shopping Center.

Very, very cool.  These not-so-little-guys know how to recharge themselves, detect suspicious behavior, and alert people and authorities to such behavior.  They can also broadcast public announcement and recognize people and faces.  The robots cannot identify individual people ... not yet, anyway.  But I have a hunch facial recognition is being worked on.

No word from the company if K5 will also help shoppers carry shopping bags to their cars.  But heck, this is California, so pretty much anything is possible!

Cost?  I was thinking whopping big bucks to purchase a security robot.  But nope.  The robots are not sold, but rather rented to companies for a whopping ... get this ... $7 an hour!  What's not to like about that?  And heck, no worries about worker's compensation insurance, sick leave, and other employee benefits!

I'll be keeping my eye on this company and its robotic developments.  Rock Robot on!

Mary Rae Fouts

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