June 27, 2016

Brexit: It's all about the Bananas! And maybe a bit of Croissant, too.

Brexit, the United Kingdom's recent vote to leave the European Union.  Much had to do about fruit.

As in bananas.

And perhaps France's famed croissants, too.

These 7 reasons why some Europeans hate the European Union pretty much sums up the United Kingdom's desire to leave the union.  One reason?  Overreaching and downright absurd regulations.

Take bananas.

Yes, the European Union actually set guidelines for the appearance of bananas, stating they should be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature."  It appears the majority of British voters thought they were quite capable of deciding how bent their bananas should be.
And then again, maybe the famed French croissant had a bit to do with the outrage, too.  After all, let's not forget the flap that erupted between the United Kingdom and France when the giant British grocery chain Tesco decided to only sell straight croissants in their stores.  That's right, they gave curved croissants the boot.


Jam and the spreadability factor.

According to Harry Jones, Tesco's croissant buyer:
“At the heart of the move away from curved croissants is the spreadability factor. The majority of shoppers find it easier to spread jam, or their preferred filling, on a straighter shape with a single sweeping motion.
With the crescent shaped croissants, it’s more fiddly and most people can take up to three attempts to achieve perfect coverage, which increases the potential for accidents involving sticky fingers and tables.”
So, with one fell swoop,  Tesco saved the British from the life safety risk of accidents involving sticky fingers and tables.

Which goes to show, once again, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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