May 4, 2016

What's new with Sid the Dog and Lexi the Dog? Happy Springtime Update!

My Faithful Canine Companions Sid and Lexi say "Happy Day and Happy Spring!"  Here's an update on what they've been up to recently.

Because all good dogs deserve a proper eating area ... 

Cool new food bowls and customized place mats from In The Company of Dogs.  The mats are really nice; manufactured by a boating company for use as boat mats.  They are very durable, the personalization is way beyond cute!  We have 2 more on order for use under inside water bowls.

And speaking of food ...

Carrots getting ready to slow cook.
I cook for Sid and Lexi; no Chinese dog food or dog treats in this house!  Their meals consist of "Canine Unfried Rice" made with:  Roast Turkey or Roast Organic Chicken; Organic Brown Basmati Rice; Canned Pumpkin or Slow Cooked Organic Rainbow Carrots; Crumbled Hard Boiled Organic Egg; and a dollop of Organic Nonfat Plain Yogurt on the side.

Both Sid and Lexi tend to want to eat fast.  Their large food bowls allow me to spread out their food so Sid and Lexi enjoy and "work for" their meals rather than gulping it down.

Sid and Lexi absolutely love the yogurt!  Kinda' surprises me, given how tart plain yogurt tastes.  Often eating the yogurt is where they begin their meals.

Here is a batch of Sid and Lexi's carrots (Organic Rainbow Carrots from Cal-Organic Farms) ready for the slow cooker.  4 pounds of peeled and sliced carrots, a bit of vegetable broth, and slow cooked for 3 hours in my Krup's 4-in-1 multicooker.  I keep enough in the refrigerator to last for a few days, freeze the rest in plastic containers.  Easy!

Sid and Lexi especially like the dark carrots.  They are extra sweet and smell like pumpkin pie.

And time for some chillin' with Sid and Lexi ...

Takin' it easy outside on a gorgeous April weekend; sunny and warm with a cool breeze.  Awww, a Dog's Life!

Lexi relaxes in the backyard while remaining on squirrel alert.

Yes, Sid is a certified Canine Goofball. 

Here he is ... sound asleep while airing it all out.  I was drying laundry on my backyard clothesline and Sid used the shade created by the hanging laundry for this prime snoozing spot.  Hopefully Sid is comfortable :)

And always remember to Live in the Moment as dogs do, as every day is truly a gift.

Happy Spring!

Mary Rae Fouts

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