May 9, 2016

The Good Wife: Good Riddance. Series finale was one of the worst TV drama episodes I have ever watched.

True, I don't watch much TV.  But I will say this about the series finale of "The Good Wife":


Very Bad.

As in One of the Worst TV Drama Episodes I Have Ever Watched on TV.

Even Worse than the 1991 Series Finale of "Dallas" (my favorite TV series of all time) and its Devil-Like Character Adam.

Disappointing (and frustrating) to see a series that started off with such brilliant writing, yet over time fall into unbelievable, weak, and seemingly-thrown-together-at-the-last minute story plots.  You know, like law offices getting demolished, a funeral cake and flowers delivered to a wedding, and implausible antics and behavior in court.

"The Good Wife" finale appeared to me nothing more than a mishmash of farfetched ... and, at times ... very sophomoric story lines written by different writers and ostensibly thrown together at the last minute.  As if no care, no thought, went into the series finale at all.

Alicia Florrick:  Where did you lose yourself?

And the character of Alicia Florrick?  What a disappointment.  The woman who grew, gained confidence, and found herself in the beginning half of the series spiraled into nothing more than a woman to be towed along, a woman who couldn't make and follow-through with decisions to save her soul.

So much for actress Julianna Margulies' (character Alicie Florrick) stating in an interview that the ending was "brilliant".  But if she had been accurate in her overview of the series finale, many fewer people would have tuned in, no?

Good Riddance to "The Good Wife".

Mary Rae Fouts

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