May 3, 2016

California Top 1%: Is it fair to make them pay 48% of the state's income taxes when they make only 24% of the state's income?

One of Bernie Sanders' campaign talking points is that the top 1% should pay their fair share of taxes.

Well, let's take a look at California and state income taxes. 
How is this for "fair"?

One of my favorite newspaper columnists, straight-shooting George Skelton with the Los Angeles Times, published a column yesterday about California State Income Taxes and Bernie Sanders' ongoing reference to the top 1%.  Can you guess who pays what percentage?

Top 1% = 48% of California State Income Taxes.  

Yes, The top 1% of Californians paid nearly half - 48% - of California state income taxes in 2014, while making about 24% of the state's income.  Yes again, the top 1% (about 150,000 taxpayers) make 24% of the state's income, but pay 48% of California state income taxes.  How's that for an eye opener?

Credit:  George Skelton and the Los Angeles Times
While I realize the only thing that is truly fair in life is a baseball hit between 1st and 3rd bases, the above statistic begs the question:

Is it fair to make a group of people pay 48% of California's state income taxes when that group of people makes only 24% of the state's income?

And what happens when this small group of people doesn't make as much money, or members moves out of state?  Simple:  Potential devastation to California's economy.  Placing so much dependency on a very small group of people is simply irresponsible ... and plain stupid ... fiscal planning.

As an Enrolled Agent with high income tax clients, I can attest that California's "1%ers"  are tax conscious and are keenly eyeing the upcoming presidential election as they consider tax planning strategies.

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