April 23, 2016

Trupanion Pet Insurance Update: Good Luck Cancelling this Worthless Pet Insurance

Trupanion Pet Insurance Complaints.

Trupanion Pet Insurance:  Only Hassels When You Try To Cancel Your Policy.

I recently posted about my extremely negative experience with Trupanion Pet Insurance.  Namely, that Trupanion trumps up bogus reasons to deny valid claims, based on my experiences and those of many other current and former policyholders.  I advised readers not to waste their money on this worthless pet insurance.

Trupanion won't pay valid claims, but they will gladly take your premium money each month.

But wait, there's more!

I initiated cancellation of my Trupanion Pet Insurance on April 12 with a phone call to their 24 hour customer service number.  The customer service person I spoke with stated she did not have authority to cancel the policy.  I checked my policy, which stated coverage could be cancelled by written notification via email, fax, or postal mail.  Over the course of the next 8 days, I submitted 4 separate requests in writing (3 via email and 1 via fax).

Trupanion is very good at silence
when it comes 
to responding to
cancellation requests.

Or should I say, failing to respond.
And Trupanion's response?  You know, Trupanion, the pet insurance company who responds via email within a couple hours of filing a claim to tell you they have denied the claim?

Silence.  As in silence like crickets chirping.

My 4th and final request stated that I would (1) dispute any future premium charges with American Express, and (2) file a complaint with the California Department of Insurance the following week if I did not receive immediate notice of cancellation and unearned premium refunded.  I finally got a response on April 21, a phone call from Trupanion's customer service department telling me they needed to verify all of my information before processing the cancellation.

Yep, that's right.  Yet another hassle from good ol' Trupanion Pet Insurance.

Well, the company picked the wrong person to mess with.  I promptly informed the caller that the company had all of my information, I did not need to verify it in order to cancel the policy, and that they were once again failing to honor the terms of their policy.  I told her to provide confirmation of cancellation that day, or I would file a complaint the following day with the California Department of Insurance.

And then I hung up the phone.  About 2 hours later I received an email from Trupanion confirming cancellation of the policy.  Now let's see how long it takes for my unearned premium to be refunded.

How many other policyholders have gotten bamboozled by Trupanion?

What bothers me is that while I knew what to do with Trupanion's mess - I've worked in the insurance industry for 28 years, including working as an Expert Witness for arbitration and litigation insurance disputes - I realize that Trupanion's typical policyholder is not an insurance expert.  How many Trupanion policyholders ... good people trying to do the best for their companion pets ... get the same denied claims that I received, and get the same run around attempting to cancel a policy?  How many people simply continue to pay monthly premiums thinking they have a value medical insurance policy for their pet, when the coverage has been proven to be worthless ... annual premium increases, denial of valid claims, money down the train into Trupanion's pockets ... for so many people?

Insurance consumers deserve much better than what Trupanion provides.  Perhaps a future Insurance Department Market Conduct Examination will help provide more publicity about Trupanion's deceptive pet insurance practices.

In the meantime, don't waste your money on Trupanion's worthless pet insurance coverage.

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Mary Rae Fouts


  1. Very true. I've added to the negative reviews for this PoS company. So sorry I wasted so many years of good coverage on them.

  2. I am trying to cancel my policy, what a waste of money! The worst insurance company ever!

    1. Magdalena, thanks for your comment. Complaints such as yours about Trupanion have continued since my very negative experiences with them. Ongoing problems with rejection of claims (seems nearly everything is a pre-existing condition to Trupanion), and difficulty getting policies cancelled. I've also seen social media posts from vets who are fed up with all of the time they and staff spend on trying to get claims paid (generally rejected), submitting pet records over and over, etc. Clearly there is a demand for pet insurance, but state insurance codes have to change to address this insurance. Otherwise consumers and their beloved pets will continue to be victims of Trupanion's rip offs.

  3. I purchased this insurance to help with any unforeseen injuries and illnesses for my puppy who is 1 year old. We discovered she has patellar luxation and were so thankful that we had insurance for her. We filed a claim for her surgery and within 30 minutes it was denied because it was somehow "pre-existing" within the time we purchased the insurance. My boyfriend and I called 4 times to cancel the policy because we are not paying an insurance company that is not going to pay for any of our dog's surgeries. Every time we called, they conveniently did not have anyone working that could help us cancel, but they would put a note in our system about cancelling (I knew they would try to call me back after my 30 days so they did not have to give me my money back), so I sent an email since it said to provide a written statement, and they never responded to my email. We called again and finally got them on the phone, but the entire phone call they tried to convince us to stay with them after we told them no multiple times. I finally got an email confirming the cancellation, and we'll see how long it takes to get my money back. I wish I saw this post before I paid them.

    1. Ashton, I am very sorry for your experience, and hope you've been able to get your Trupanion policy truly cancelled and money refunded. I am also sorry for what you went through with your puppy. I read a very similar incident about a dog who needed TPLO surgery on a knee for a torn ACL. Trupanion denied the claim, stating the dog had a pre-existing condition because ... get this ... the dog had previously gone to the vet to have a sore paw checked out. Simply headshaking; a sore paw has nothing to do with a sore knee!

      Every so often I check for new complaints about Trupanion. So many people have had the same negative experiences you and I had. In my opinion, this company should not be in business. Mary Rae Fouts

    2. Also, Ashton, I apologize for not posting your comment promptly. For some unknown reason, my original posting of your comment was unsuccessful. Mary Rae Fouts

    3. We just had the exact same issue - torn ACL claims denied due to pre-existing because of an exam for a sore leg. Get this... Trupanion also told us in writing that if the OTHER ACL (on the other leg) gets ruptured they also would not cover it because one bad knee on one leg = preexisting condition for all legs. Years of premiums down the drain. Trying to cancel ASAP. Left a 1-star yelp review, and their social media person of course responds as if they care but they just want to take your $ and deny every possible claim. Waiting for the class action lawsuit so I can get a few pennies back from this scam.

    4. Tommy, I am really sorry for what you are going through. On Easter Sunday morning, our Husky-Malamute mix Sid woke up with a swollen left eye, and also some swelling in his right eye. When it did not calm down after taking his allergy medication, we took him to SAGE, our emergency vet center. It was a pinpoint ulcer in Sid's left eye (from anything, including debris or grooming/roughhousing with fur sister Lexi), and conjunctivitis in his right eye. Got salve to put in eyes for a week, recheck at primary vet in a week.

      Sid's eyes are 100% normal today. But husband Jim and I commented that Trupanion would have denied the emergency vet claim and eye testing because Sid had an ear infection when we adopted him from the pound nearly 5 years ago.

      Sad, but true.


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