April 26, 2016

Selfies: It's ok to just say no. Might save yourself a cosmetic lip implant procedure.


I've never seen the attraction of them.  People taking photos of themselves, sometimes with odd expressions such as pursed lips, overly dramatic facial expressions, or tongues hanging out.
I wonder:  Has social media caused some people to become overly self absorbed?
Society has responded in more ways than one.  Tourist locations - including museums - have banned selfie sticks.  But in another trend, incidents of cosmetic lip surgery have greatly increased in the United States.  A jaw dropping  27,449 cosmetic lip implant procedures were performed in 2015.

Common reason for the cosmetic lip implant procedure?  People want their lips full and puffy for selfies.

That's a lot of cosmetic lip filler.  And perhaps a lot of personal self-absorption.

But hey, you know what?  I've never taken a selfie.  Never felt the desire or need to do so.  Nor have I had any cosmetic surgery procedures done.  My Chanel lipstick and lip gloss and MAC lipstick look just fine on the unaltered lips I've sported for 50 years.

That makes me wonder ... How many others have never taken a selfie?

Give yourself a break today:
Just say no to selfies!

Mary Rae Fouts

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