April 20, 2016

Only in Crazy California: Claims of "price discrimination" in women's clothing and other stuff.

Yep, another Only in California crazy idea ...

KPIX Channel 5 has reported that California lawmakers are proposing a new law that would ban "price discrimination" of women's clothing and other stuff, presumably because women's "stuff" costs more than men's "stuff", and our politicians by golly think that's not right:
State Lawmakers Target 'Pink Tax' Of Women Paying More Than Men For Goods: California lawmakers are seeking to end price discrimination between the cost of women’s and men’s goods like clothes and toiletries.
Wow, don't California state politicians have anything better to do?  So, instead of focusing on critical issues - like Jerry Brown's crazy train (aka high speed rail), our dismal public school performance, broken roads and bridges, and promoting use of recycled water for irrigation and future drinking water - they instead focus on women's blouses.

That's right.  Women's blouses are a victim of discrimination.  The horror of it all!!!

What's next?  Legislation to eliminate separate departments for women's and men's clothing, shoes, and accessories?

Oops, I probably just gave our state pols an idea.

Memo to politicians in Sacramento:  As a lover of clothes, shoes, fragrance, makeup, handbags, scarves, and pretty much everything Nordstrom, I can confidently tell you that (1) women's and men's "stuff" in general cannot be compared unless you want an apples to oranges comparison; and (2) women's clothing and other feminine-orientated items do typically require additional detail work and design, and therefore warrant a higher cost.

Now get back to work on important California issues, will you, pols?

And please ... Leave my blouses alone!

Mary Rae Fouts

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