March 15, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project: Executive Officers Get the Boot

In January I posted about criticism surrounding the Wounded Warrior Project and allegations that the charity spent lavishly, turned a blind eye to criticism, and treated employees harshly.  I questioned if the allegations were (1) valid, or (2) a witch hunt.

Looks like the former is correct;
for the most part, anyway.

The New York Times recently reported that following an independent investigation which substantiated many of the criticisms and complaints brought to the public's attention in January, the Wounded Warrior Project's Board of Directors fired the charity's
chief executive officer, Steven Nardizzi, and its chief operating officer, Al Giordano.  The Board of Directors stated it is focused on (1) restoring trust in the charity, (2) the charity's mission of supporting wounded military women and men.

The original founders of the Wounded Warrior Project, brothers John Melia and Jim Melia, have made public overtures about getting involved once again with the charity.   (They left the Wounded Warrior Project in 2010.)  No word on whether or not that will happen.

I'll revisit the Wounded Warrior Project in a couple of months, including looking for any changes to the charity's rating on Charity Navigator.

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