March 3, 2016

Donald Trump: Wacky Soap Opera of US Republican Politics Continues

I am not supporting any candidate (current or past) running for election in the 2016 US Presidential race.  Nor do I have sympathy for the screwed-up-beyond-belief Republican Party Establishment Members (not that the Democratic Party is in any better shape) for their prior arrogant belief that Donald Trump was not a viable presidential candidate.

Photo Credit New York Times, 03/032016 article
‘Never Trump’ Movement Dealt Setback After Super Tuesday

Now some Republicans are considering changes to Republican Convention nominating rules to fit their own self-centered desires.  Really?  So much for our esteemed "public servants" respecting the will of the people.  Not!  8 more months of this political mind-numbing crap to put up with before the general election.

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One thing is certain, however.  It would be just plain fun ... FUN ... to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate.  Bet it would be the highest watched TV program of the year.  I can just hear the "You're gay!" "You're a wife cheater!"  "You're a cattle futures thieve!"  "You're a tax cheat!" insults and allegations hurled back and forth.  Their debates (yes, I do believe Trump and Clinton will be our choices at election day) are sure to instill many stated-word or stated-phrase drinking games across the United States.

Hmmmm ... Just wonder what former Miss America Trump will pick as his Running Mate?

Mary Rae Fouts

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