March 10, 2016

Teachings from my Faithful Canine Companions

Need a smile?
Take a peek into my life.

Husky-mix Sid knows how to sleep in style, and thinks there is no weight limit for Lap Dogs.

Comfortable, Sid?  And yes, Sid is sound asleep!

While Chow-mix Lexi constantly reminds me of the peacefulness of simply lounging on a warm blanket on the sofa, watching the front yard world go by.

Lexi:  Good Girl, Sweetheart!

How fortunate I am to have such wonderful Faithful Canine Companions.  With them, how cannot all be good and well in our world?  Sid and Lexi constantly remind me:

not to worry;
to enjoy the small things in life; and
to live in the present, as every day is truly a gift.

Mary Rae Fouts

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