March 31, 2016

Nap Time: Oh, to be able to nap in the style of our Faithful Canine Companions!

My Faithful Canine Companions Husky-mix Sid and Chow-mix Lexi are loving our Northern California Springtime.  A warm-ish day with a gentle cool breeze makes for perfect outside activities.

For Sid, one of those activities is, well, Napping in Style.  As in Airing It All Out.  Apparently the weather makes for the perfect time for Sid to catch a few zzz's and some sunshine at the same time.

Sid in the backyard napping in Springtime Style!
Yes, he is sound asleep.  Sid's goofiness always puts a smile on my face.

My husband Jim calls Sid our "Backyard Solar Panel".

"Huh?  Fur brother, just WHAT are you doing?!"

Poor Lexi clearly is a bit concerned and isn't too sure what to think of Sid's napping activity.  The photo doesn't show it, but the expression on Lexi's face was one of "Huh?!"

Happy Springtime!  And Sid and Lexi say:

Don't forget to nap!

Spring nap time for Lexi; warm sun with a cool breeze.
This is her favorite sunning spot, next to a small fig tree that provides filtered shade.
Lexi has lounged here so often that the lawn underneath her is actually just dirt!

Mary Rae Fouts

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