March 1, 2016

My local Contra Costa Times newspaper founded in 1947 bites the dust ... Aaarrrrgh!

I like print newspapers, something to pick up in my hands and read, starting with my early morning breakfast and to finish reading later in the day.  Goodness gracious, I spend enough time looking at a computer screen during the day, the last thing I want to do is get all of my news from a computer screen.

I've subscribed to daily delivery of my local Contra Costa Times and the national edition of the New York Times for more years than I can remember.  The Contra Costa Times for local news (Contra Costa is the county in which I live, the newspaper is headquartered in my neighboring city of Walnut Creek), and the New York Times for its national news, international news, specific sections including its Book Review, and cool articles, columns, and reporting you won't find anywhere else.

And do not, do not forget the New York Times daily crossword puzzle I must, must complete.

This newspaper will be no more as of April 5, 2016.
Big thumbs down from this long time daily subscriber.

Just as I was checking my email late this morning, in came one from the Bay Area News Group, publisher of the Contra Costa Times news.  Ugh, after 69 years, the CC Times will be no more as of April 5; it's being consolidated with other newspapers to create an East Bay Times newspaper.

Bay Area News Group:  a big thumbs down
to your newspaper consolidation!
Granted, the CC Times has slowly morphed to more regional reporting over the past few years, including non-local restaurant reviews from all over the Bay Area. (No, I'm not going to Oakland, San Mateo, or Berkeley for lunch or dinner.)  One print newspaper a while back (August 11, 2015) was also mistakenly titled "The Times" instead of the "Contra Costa Times" which created a suspicion in me that changes were underway.  When I asked the newspaper about the printing error, I got no response.

What will this mean for a subscribers like me who live in Pleasant Hill?  Less local news.  Perhaps ... or most likely ... way less.  And likely some of my favorite local reporters out the door.  From the email, seems the new consolidated paper will likely focus on the Oakland area.  For those of you who do not live in the San Francisco Bar Area, please note that the Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek, California communities have very little to do with Oakland, California, including the ongoing issues of gang violence and related problems in Oakland.

To the Bay Area News Group:  big thumbs down.
Give me back my local Contra Costa Times newspaper.

Mary Rae Fouts

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