February 25, 2016

Anyone else have a dog who picks garden-grown produce? Meet Sid!

Ok, Sid …

I “get” you are one of the most food motivated dogs to inhabit the Earth, including enjoying select food items from my gardens.

You carefully pick and eat the perfectly ripe strawberries from
my garden without damaging the plants.

And if I don’t pick the apples from our Fugi and Granny Smith Apple trees,
you’ll pick and eat those, too.

Same goes for my garden-grown  Crenshaw Melons, they are one
of your favorite foods.  I must admit I laugh and smile, as you lay in the
backyard grass, delightfully eating a melon you just picked.

But Sid, did you reallllly have to pick a
Meyer Lemon from the Meyer Lemon tree?

Sid proudly lounges by the Meyer Lemon he picked from a backyard Meyer Lemon tree.
And yes, Sid looks as if he is up to no good.  February 2016.

Sid, thanks for making every day a new, interesting adventure.  Love you buddy.

Mary Rae Fouts

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