January 19, 2016

Super Bowl 50 and the San Francisco Bay Area Mess

The San Francisco Bay Area is expected to become a mess of traffic jams, traffic diversions, stopped mail and courier deliveries, jammed municipal airports, and general inconvenience over the next month as Super Bowl 50 rolls into and out of the area.

1 million people are expected to visit the area to attend Super Bowl parties and the game.  Oh, and local municipal airports (including my local Buchanan Airfield in Concord, CA) are expected to be jammed with a surge of 1200 private jets.  You die hard football fans that actually have tickets?  No tailgating allowed at Superbowl 50.  Unless, of course you are luck enough to score a ticket to the official NFL Tailgate Party, an invitation-only barbecue under a mega-tent for 10,000 of Commissioner Roger Goodell's closest friends. Sweet!

What a Mess!

ABC7 News recently reported that construction is starting on the Super Bowl City in San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza, resulting in blocked streets, restricted access that prohibits mail and courier deliveries, displaced businesses (with no compensation), and general misery for people who live and work in the area.

Given that a group of 25 protesters successfully shut down the westbound Bay Bridge yesterday, I have little to no faith that event organizers will be able to prevent related protests and criminal activity for Super Bowl 50.  And public admission that little can be done to prevent attacks on the BART train system (including the recent murder on a BART train) pretty much says "Welcome!" to criminals and terrorists.

All this for an event that is typically a boring game and watched by many just for the commercials.

Mary Rae Fouts

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