January 12, 2016

Sid and Lexi: The Very Bonded Former "Pound" Dogs in Action

We adopted Husky-mix Sid and Chow-mix Lexi from local public animal shelters one month apart in Autumn 2014.  Sid the Dog was a stray found by a County Animal Control officer.  Sid had a red collar on, no tags, and was never claimed by his former owner.  Lexi the Dog was one of 7 dogs seized by Antioch, California police for severe abuse and neglect in a backyard puppy mill.  Lexi was in very bad emaciated shape when seized by police, and sadly the only 1 of the 7 dogs to survive.

Lexi was, as my husband says, "scared of everything including her shadow" when we adopted her.  Lexi's healthy recovery and overall transformation in our home has been amazing.  She is a healthy, happy, and content dog; a superb watch dog; a much bonded fur sister to Sid; and the slight alpha of our Faithful 2-Dog Pack.

Both Sid and Lexi have thrived with us, yet never would we have imagined the dogs would become such a bonded pair.  Here are videos of a couple of daily events in the always eventful world of Sid the Dog and Lexi the Dog.

Sid and Lexi say "Good Morning!"
Time to Groom Each Other

Morning Walk is Over
Time to Chase and Roughhouse, All Bets are Off!

As you can see in the Chase and Roughhouse video, Lexi may be 25 pounds lighter than Sid, but that tenacious vocal girl ain't no pushover!  (Sid's fur looks blotchy in the video as he is currently blowing his undercoat and is shedding heavily in patches.)

Mary Rae Fouts

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