January 4, 2016

Poor Sid! He's blowing his coat ... dog hair!

Our Husky-mix Sid is in the midst of his bi-annual Blowing of the Coat.  Sid sheds his dense undercoat every six months.  Not because he is too warm, but rather because new fur is coming in.  Just think "out with the old undercoat fur, and in with the new."

Yikes!  Dog hair galore.

Sid sheds - or molts, as my husband Jim says - in patches, with fur coming out in tufts.  The whole process takes about 8 weeks.  Yes, 8 weeks.  Twice a year.  Poor Sid started blowing his coat in mid-December, so this will continue through mid-February.  He gets extra TLC during this time.

Fur from Sid's Blowing Coat

Here is a pile of fur I gently raked off Sid one recent morning.  I smiled as I thought
"Golly gee.  Perhaps I can send Sid's shed fur to Kim Kardashian so a truly environmentally friendly and sustainable fur coat (or should I say swag) can be made for her 2-year old daughter North West?"
Let me know, Kim.  I'll be glad to keep Sid's shed fur and send it to you.

Huh.  Not sure Sid is too happy about my suggestion of sharing his fur with Kim Kardashian.
What do you think?

Mary Rae Fouts

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