January 7, 2016

If Only Fixing Yahoo was Truly this Easy ...

Must be a slow news day for business reporters at Silicon Valley's San Jose Mercury News.  Why would they otherwise devote a 352 word article to a delayed letter written by Yahoo investor Starboard Value, which owns less than 1% of Yahoo's shares. (Disclosure: I own Yahoo stock.)

In the letter, Jeff Smith, Starboard Value's managing member, calls for the ouster of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and any board members that do not agree with kicking Mayer to the street.

But wait, there's more. 

Starboard Value seems to think fixing Yahoo is a non-complicated, simple task. According to Jeff Smith,

 "All they [Yahoo's Board of Directors] have to do is choose different
priorities, concentrate on what's making money and cut costs."

I'm no fan of Marissa Mayer's performance at Yahoo; I (and some of my Fouts Financial Group clients) share frustration with Yahoo's lackluster performance.  But wow, if fixing Yahoo was that simple, the task would have been done long ago. 

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