January 9, 2016

Christmas Fun with Sid and Lexi!

Christmas 2015 was a glorious, happy, and relaxing Holiday for all of us.  We all had a grand day, including Sid the Dog and Lexi the Dog, as you will see here.  (Note: video links have been fixed.)

We gave Sid a new toy for Christmas, which he unwrapped himself.  I thought the toy would be pretty durable, but I obviously was mistaken :) .  Sid was very excited to open the present and proceed to fling it about, then, well, de-stuffed the poor toy.  Sorry the photo quality is poor, but Sid was moving around with excitement.  (FYI, he still plays with the felt carcass!)

Here is Sid so excited with his new Christmas toy ...

Thanks for the Christmas present, Daddy and Mommy!

And 20 minutes later, all gone!  Poor toy didn't even make it through the opening of the Christmas presents.

Oops!  Daddy and Mommy, my new toy exploded!  I swear it did.

Lexi's Christmas present (not shown here) was a new blanket for her Doggie Sofa.

Here are two videos highlighting Sid and Lexi's enjoyment of Christmas 2015 as we opened presents that morning.  As you can see from the sunlight streaming in the window, it was an absolutely glorious day, filled with lots of sunshine.

Video:  Sid the Dog enjoys Christmas morning and his new toy.

Video:  Lexi the Dog enjoys Christmas morning with Sid, Daddy, and Mommy.

Sid and Lexi hope you had a Merry Christmas, too!

Mary Rae Fouts

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