January 21, 2016

A One Man Crime Wave in Antioch, CA ... Thank you Prop 47

The Contra Costa Times reported today that Antioch, California police have arrested Gary Duarte, age 43, at least 7 times since June 2015 for numerous crimes including squatting in homes, trespass, possession of meth and drug paraphernalia, vehicle theft, and failure to appear in court.  (And keep in mind, these are crimes for which Duarte has been arrested.   What other criminal activity has he gotten away with?)

Duarte was arrested for the 7th time recently when a real estate agent found him squatting in a home.  What happened next?  The police simply gave Duarte a citation and allowed him to go free. Free to continue his life of crime.

What a waste of police resources.  I'm not blaming police, I realized their hands are tied given reduced criminal charges mandated by Prop 47.  However, Gary Duarte is literally a one man crime wave.  Thank you Prop 47, a California ballot proposition passed in 2014 which greatly reduced penalties for crimes classified as "nonviolent", resulting in people like Mr. Duarte hogging police resources and creating havoc for law abiding citizens.

Prop 47 is also being blamed for an increase in burglaries of occupied home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Given Prop 47's lighter misdemeanor sentencing for many such crimes, criminals are taking the risk of breaking into occupied homes for the reward of stolen goods.  If the criminals get caught, so what?  A slap on the wrist, if that.

So much for the terror experienced by law abiding citizens who find their homes burglarized and cars stolen or broken into, among other crimes.  Perhaps crime does pay?

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