December 11, 2015

Every wonder how many days Congress actually works per year?

Are you overworked?

In 2010, the Center for American Progress published a study which concluded the United States is the most overworked nation in the developed world.

So, how about our elected Congressional leaders?  Do they have their noses to the grindstone as much, too?

Uh, no.  Not even close.

How would you like this many days off per year?

Here is the official 2015 Congressional Calendar that lists the days Congress was scheduled to be in session this year:  a whopping 132 days.  Yes, 132 days out of 365 days.  That leaves 233 days our elected "leaders" are free to, well, do other things.

2015 Congressional Calendar
Congress scheduled to work only 132 days in 2015.

Pretty sweet deal, wouldn't you say?  No wonder only 11% of people polled last month stated they approved of the way Congress handled its job.

Mary Rae Fouts

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