November 29, 2015

My Vote for Retailer Flub of the Year Goes to ...

Restoration Hardware!

How about THIS for a Holiday stocking stuffer gift?

We received our 2015 Restoration Hardware Holiday Catalog in early November.  Take a look at what this San Francisco Bay area retailer included as a stocking stuffer gift for the grill enthusiast:  A meat tenderizer modeled after brass knuckles!

Here is a page from the Restoration Hardware website a couple days after we received the catalog.

Does Restoration Hardware not realize that brass knuckles are illegal in many states, including California, where possessing brass knuckles is subject to felony prosecution?  Yeah, no wonder this item is no longer available!

Me thinks Restoration Hardware has some 'splaining to do.

Mary Rae Fouts

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  1. Brass knuckles are known as one of the most effective self defense weapons. That is why you should ponder on the question that are brass knuckles illegal before buying them. Brass knuckles are legal in some of the states while in other they are illegal and heavy charges are pressed against the person who violates these laws.


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