May 1, 2017

School Lunch Bullying Must Stop: Our public school systems are bullying children who cannot pay for lunches.

With so much emphasis placed on anti-bulling rules in public school systems, the school systems themselves appear to be doing plenty of bullying.  Are our public schools not held accountable for their own very public child bullying?  This cruel process must stop.

Are you aware that our public schools regularly engage in public bullying of students who owe a debt for school lunches?  This nation's public schools employ such tactics as grabbing hot lunch trays from students and throwing the food away.  One school in Alabama even resorts to ink-stamping children on the arm with I Need Lunch Money".

Read today's New York Times article "Shaming Children So Parents Will Pay the School Lunch Bill".  And prepare to be enraged.

Yet another shameful example of this nation's broken public school systems.


  1. That is terrible. Is that treatment child abuse?

    1. That is a good question. I do not know the legal definition(s) of child abuse, but I would certainly classify these "lunch shaming" actions as bullying.


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