May 4, 2017

Pam Montana: Her life with younger-onset Alzheimer's disease

People often associate Alzheimer’s disease as an “old person’s” disease, yet that is not accurate.  While the disease is most common in people 65 and older, about 200,000 younger people are affected in the United States, some as young as their 40s.

Meet Ms. Pam Montana

And that brings me to Pam Montana, an extroverted 62-year-old former executive at Intel and Danville, California resident.  Who just happens to have younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease.  For which there is currently no cure, not getting better, only progression of the disease.

Pam was diagnosed last July, following an earlier diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment in 2015.  However, Pam had noticed cognitive changes beginning in 2012 (difficulty learning new Intel systems), at the age of 57.  So looking back, signs indicating possible dementia were there.

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One word:  BRAVE

Rather than morph into isolation, Pam (in her true form) decided to do just the opposite:  become a very public face of the disease, in hopes of reducing stigma attached to dementia while rallying for a cure.

Read today’s article in the East Bay Times about Pam’s journey here.  Follow Pam's blog, “My journey with Alzheimer’s”, here.

 And may we all leave each day in the present,
as every day is truly a gift.

Mary Rae Fouts

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  1. I would not have the courage she has.


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