October 21, 2016

Caramel Apple Pie Recipe ... Who could resist this fabulous autumn fruit desert?

Did you know that October is National Apple Month?  Yesterday I found this beyond delicious looking Caramel Apple Pie Recipe.

And my mouth watered.

Caramel Apple Crumb Pie
Photo Credit:  lecreuset.com

When making desserts, normally I do not spend as much time as this recipe requires.  But I think I'll make an exception for this mouth watering pie.

Get the Apple Caramel Pie recipe from Le Creuset here.  And yes, I'm a huge fan of Le Creuset.  In fact, I have an order from Le Creuset arriving today.  (They have a fantastic website, by the way.)  I use my faithful Le Creuset products as daily workhorse go-tos.  They are as pretty as they are functional and durable.

Happy Baking!

Mary Rae Fouts

October 20, 2016

IRS: TIGTA audit shows IRS' email system is so obsolete, it lacks archive capability. And that's not all ...

Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her Secretary of State days has inundated the airwaves this election season.  But Mrs. Clinton is not the only government official/agency besieged by email woes.

Who else, you might ask?

You guessed it ... The Internal Revenue Service    

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration ("TIGTA") recently released the results of an audit examining the Internal Revenue Service.
What disturbing matters did the audit find?


TIGTA's audit found out that the IRS spent $12 million for an e-mail system it could not use.  That's right:  $12 million of taxpayer money down the drain.  Not only that, the IRS violated federal purchasing rules by not going out to competitive bid for what turned out to be a non-functioning email system.

But wait, there's more.

The IRS' current email system is so old that it will soon be unsupported by the manufacturer.  Not only that, but this email system is so outdated it lacks archive capability.  Yep, the IRS cannot backup its email system.

How's that for safety and security of our federal tax system?

Pour a glass of wine, a stiff drink, or a hot cup of coffee.  Then read TIGTA's audit report here.

Questions about Tax Matters?

I am an Enrolled Agent licensed by the Department of the Treasury which allows me to provide tax services to taxpayers in all 50 states and US territories.  I provide tax services to individual income, business, estate, and trust clients.  Please contact me if you have questions about tax preparation, tax planning, or taxpayer representation (audit and collection) matters.

For information about my nationwide Consulting, Expert Witness, and Tax Services visit Fouts Financial Group.

Mary Rae Fouts

October 13, 2016

Weather: Gutters cleaned? Rain is on its way to the San Francisco Bay area.

The first rain storm of the season is on its way to the San Francisco Bay area, with 1 or more inches anticipated along with heavy winds at times.  The heaviest downpour is expected tomorrow morning (Friday, Oct 14) during commute, so if you must travel by car then, please drive very carefully and allow plenty of extra time, as there surely will be many accidents on the slick roads.

Don't forget to clean your gutters, and have flashlights and a battery powered radio available in the event of a power outage.  And fixins for homemade soup or stew, along with a loaf of sourdough bread and cheese.

A recent slow simmered homemade "stoup".
Healthy and oh-so-tasty Comfort Food at its finest.

Happy Rain, Everyone!

Mary Rae Fouts

October 12, 2016

San Francisco Giants: Full speed toward next season!

Ug, the Giants!  Yesterday's epic bullpen meltdown - 5 Giants pitchers giving up 4 runs in the 9th inning after 8 innings of solid pitching from Matt Moore - was yet another blown save.  The 5-6 loss to the Cubs, in the fashion it happened, was more than head shaking.

But perhaps fitting for a team that had the best record in Major League Baseball in the first half of the season, followed by the worst record in MLB in the second half of the season

Hopefully the team can regroup during the off season and be ready to start a-fresh next spring.

Until then ...

Go Giants!  

Mary Rae Fouts

October 11, 2016

San Francisco Giants: Teamwork and a don't-give-up attitude gets a 13th inning win to play another game.

The San Francisco Giants way.

Yes, the Giants treated the baseball world to yet another nail biting game yesterday, and successfully lived to play another game today.

13 Innings.  5 hours and 3 minutes of baseball.  Final:  Giants 6, Cubs 5.

What a game!  I admit I did feel a bit sorry for the Cubs in the extra innings.  To have only 1 position player left on the bench?!  Ouch!

Photo Credit:  sfgiants.com

Great game yesterday, Giants!  Keep up the teamwork and go get the Cubs today.

Go Giants!

Mary Rae Fouts